SCOO Pilot:
2018 Winter Pilot Pilot (posted 12/04/18)
Winter Pilot Pilot (posted 01/20/18)
Summer/Fall Pilot (posted 11/05/17)
Spring Pilot (posted 6/06/17)
Winter Pilot (posted 1/07/17)

Pilot Archive (2014-2016)
Pilot Archive (2012-2013)
Pilot Archive (2008-2011)

SCOO Officers:
Commodore: Chris Behre (252-249-1059) Chris Behre
Vice Commodore: Roger Hammer
Rear Commodore: Don (Rock) Rockwell
Secretary: Diane Carbone
Treasurer: Beth Martin
Board of Governors:
Term thru 2018: Dick Mannion, Pat Dallas, Ray Ruppert (past Commodore)
Term thru 2019: Dale Montgomery, Donna Luh
Term thru 2020: Dennis Marlin, Bob Taylor
Social Committee Chair: Lisa and Dennis Marlin
Membership Chair: Donna Luh
Pilot Editor: Gordon Kellogg (252-249-2130) Send email
E-Mail Provider: Chris Behre (252-249-1059) Send email
Webmaster: Will Martin (252-833-8031) Send email
Handbook: Kathy Ruppert (252-249-1162) Send email
Social Committee: (??? update) Social Committee Members
SCOO Board Meetings: Jan 23, May 1, Aug 7, Nov 6.
Meetings are held at the Oriental Town Hall at 0930 hours, all SCOO members are welcome to attend.

SCOO Forms:
Membership Application (updated 8/08/17)
Reimbursement Form (posted 2/8/13)

Updated Handbook Pages:
Sailing/Cruising Award (posted 5/14/18)
Table of Contents (posted 5/14/18)
Winter Message from the Commodore (posted 11/14/18)
Message from the Commodore (posted 7/03/18)
Winter Seminar Schedule (updated 5/14/18)
Cruise Schedule (updated 7/02/18)
Flag Officers (updated 7/02/18)
Event & Cruising Considerations (updated 2/7/13)
Marine & Business Directory (updated 2/25/16)
Sponsorship Requirements & Application Form (updated 1/17/17)
Cruise Captain Checklist (updated 2/22/16)
By-Laws (posted 5/14/18)
Annual Events (updated 7/02/18)